CounterMove: Sydney Dance Company

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Explore luminescence and life in a double bill that will enchant, compel and amuse with exhilarating movement by some of Australia’s finest dancers.

From one of the world’s most exciting choreographers comes Cacti, a laugh-out-loud funny and affectionate tribute and parody of modern art. Alexander Ekman’s witty and energetic piece, performed by the full Company and a string quartet, will take you in with a knowing wink, then surprise you with its bracing physicality.

Rafael Bonachela’s world premiere, Lux Tenebris, provides the perfect contrast: light and darkness emerging from a dusky sonic landscape by composer Nick Wales (long-term collaborator of Sarah Blasko). Movement follows deep, unexpected, visceral beats and sharp, sudden twists to discover a dark place where there is space for beauty and light. Bonachela’s work, as always, is deeply emotional.

CounterMove will intrigue, move and entertain you. Don’t miss out.




  • Tue 01 March
    8.00 pm
  • Wed 02 March
    8.00 pm
  • Thu 03 March
    8.00 pm
  • Fri 04 March
    8.00 pm
  • Sat 05 March
    8.00 pm
  • Sun 06 March
    8.00 pm
  • Mon 07 March
    8.00 pm
  • Tue 08 March
    8.00 pm
  • Wed 09 March
    8.00 pm
  • Thu 10 March
    8.00 pm
  • Fri 11 March
    8.00 pm
  • Sat 12 March
    8.00 pm
Roslyn Packer Theatre
22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW

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